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Welcome to GU1 Strength and Conditioning, Guildford’s foremost functional fitness garage gym.

We aim to offer a fully rounded fitness model, one that will enable our clientele to function at their best no matter what life may throw at them, whilst at the same time making fitness fun and friendly once again.

Broad and inclusive by design and infinitely scalable for your  current fitness levels, GU1 Strength and Conditioning offers a simple and effective alternative to the traditional faceless gym environment.

Whatever your goals, be they slimming down, building muscle or just simply being able to climb the stairs without running out of breath then GU1 Strength and Conditioning is for you.

GU1 S&C is proud to be an FK.UK Associate. FK.UK is Britain’s biggest and best functional fitness related online Community.

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GU1 Strength and Conditioning

“The Garage Gym”

2 Johnston Green




M: 07584 064454

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SPQR Fitness has changed its name to GU1 Strength and Conditioning.

New Name, same quality training!